organic & fair trade

Froyo Chicago is the first frozen yogurt shop in Chicago to offer organic flavors and toppings. We strive to provide delicious products that are Non-GMO, Fair Trade, Organic, and locally sourced, where possible.


Our rich and creamy vegan coconut froyo is not only dairy free but soy free! We also offer refreshing vegan sorbets and a delicious low-fat vegan hot cocoa. Any of our café drinks can be made with almond or soy milk for no additional charge.


Our organic froyo is gluten-free and certified kosher. It is filled with live and active cultures and probiotics which have been said to boost the immune system, manage lactose intolerance, regulate digestion, lower bad cholesterol, and provide an excellent source of calcium and protein.


We believe that you should know exactly what goes into the food you eat. So, our goal is to provide delicious products in the raw, where possible, to allow you to use your own creativity and taste preferences to customize your own tasty treats.